Eco Max Winter/Summer Rinse 
Cleaner 4L

Product #: EMZX-202-04

Weight: 40.35


Eco-Max Neutral Cleaner is a breakthrough in high performance, green cleaning technology, utilizing potent cleaning properties of ingredients derived from renewable and sustainable botanical resources.Get rid of sand and salt stains from what you track in from winter boots! Features and Benefits •High performance cleaner •Formulated with botanical actives •Non-toxic to humans and aquatic life •Natural lemon scent •Readily biodegradable •Exceeds EcoLogo requirements •Recyclable packaging This product DOES NOT CONTAIN the following commonly used ingredients: Petroleum Solvents, D-limonene, Alcohols, Phenol Ethoxylates, Phospates, Silicates, Nitrates, EDTA, NTA, Added Preservatives, Mineral Acids, Alkalies, Artificial Dyes, Fragrances, or Optical Brighteners.

Price: $22.95

Price: $22.95